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Residential and Commercial Electrician in Rye

Choosing an electrician can be confusing and stressful. Southside Electrics is owned and operated to provide homeowners and businesses with professional and friendly Rye Electrician services. We serve our customers with the confidence that they made the right choice. We specialise in providing residential and commercial electrical installation, repair, and maintenance services. We’re committed to being excellent at our business to offer hassle-free services to commercial and residential clients.

We take quality time to ensure that every job gets completed on time and with maximum customer satisfaction. Our professional Rye electricians are here to help you meet your electrical needs. We communicate clearly and get back to our customers as soon as possible. We are fully committed to your safety and satisfaction. Our Rye electricians are trained to service all of your electrical needs both safely and efficiently.

Switchboard Upgrades Rye

Are you considering a Rye switchboard upgrade? Many homes and businesses are still running on old-fashioned switchboards. These types of boxes should be upgraded if they are out of date and do not meet current building codes. Call our professional Rye electricians and get professional Rye switchboard upgrades for your business and home. If you experience a malfunctioning switchboard, you can rely on Southside Electrics to get the job done in the shortest time possible.

Upgrading a switchboard can be a great way to upgrade your home or business’s electrical system. By upgrading to a more modern switchboard, you’ll be able to handle more electrical demands with fewer issues. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of improved security and performance. So we’ve got you covered if you’re looking to upgrade your current switchboard or start fresh with a new one. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Ceiling fan installation Rye

Ceiling fans are a prominent feature for your home and business. They create a visual impact as well as a great effect when it comes to cooling your home and business. They are responsible for air circulation and the improvement of other cooling and heating appliances. We offer a reliable ceiling fan installation service and ensure that proper wiring support is in place. Whether you have a ceiling fan already installed or need help with your choice, give us a call and get your ceiling fan installation job done right.

Emergency Electrician Rye

Southside Electrics is the best emergency electrician in Rye and surrounding areas. We are a full-service electrical contractor that specialises in residential, commercial, and industrial services. We know the ins and outs of every electrical system in your home or business, and we can handle any job, from simple fixes to the whole house rewires. Services we offer include:

We are a highly recommended 24-hour electrician in Rye for all of your electrical needs! Our fully licensed and insured electricians are trained to work safely and efficiently, so you can rest assured that your home will be properly protected from fires or other hazards that may be caused by faulty wiring.

Commercial Electrician Rye

Looking for a commercial electrician in Rye? Southside Electrics is a professional and reliable commercial electrical services provider. Our Rye electrical team has the expertise necessary to meet your expectations. Our skilled technicians have years of experience in commercial electrical work. No matter if you are a property manager, facilities manager, or project manager who is looking for a dependable commercial electrician, we are the right team to call. Our Rye commercial electrician services are designed to help shopping centres, businesses, golf clubs, government organisations, and various other commercial places to repair, install, and maintain their electrical systems.

When you choose Southside Electrics, you can be sure that we’ll be there for you when your business needs us the most. Our team of experts will take care of everything from design to installation and maintenance. We offer comprehensive services for all businesses, large and small, so you don’t have to worry about getting your business up and running.

Our commercial electrician services include:

All electrical code compliance
Upgrades and replacement of wiring, including addons, rewires, and underground cable
New installations of circuit breakers and switches
Replacement of light fixtures and ceiling fans

We believe that a reliable electrician is one of the most important parts of any business. That’s why we specialise in commercial fit-outs and installations—so that your customers can feel confident in their safety and security when they’re visiting your space. And when it comes time for maintenance or repairs, we’ll be there to help you get it done quickly and efficiently.

Electrical Test and Tag Rye

It’s not safe to gamble with your life as the most electrically unsafe equipment may not show obvious signs of damage. We help you stay safe with a regular inspection with a Rye electrical test and tag service.

A properly tested and tagged electrical equipment guarantee to protect employees from faulty equipment, and ensure your business continues to operate smoothly.. Without proper testing and tagging, your tools can crash, gears can become jammed, and other pieces of equipment can malfunction. This could lead to serious injuries or even death.

At Southside Electrics, we rank that the safety of your employees is our top priority—and we want to ensure that you’re up-to-date on everything from safety standards to best practices for your industry. That’s why we offer test and tag services for all industries: manufacturing plants, warehouses, medical facilities, you name it!

We’ve served clients across the country for over 30 years with our expertise in testing and tagging industrial equipment. Call us today at 1300 859 708 or book online for more information about how we can help keep your workers safe!

Southside Electrics providing electrical services.

Smoke alarm testing, replacement, & installation Rye

A smoke alarm system is the first line of defence for you and your family. If you didn’t have your smoke alarms tested recently, you can count on us for reliable testing and repair.  Smoke alarms have a real impact on your safety. Also, if you’re concerned about the optimal performance of your smoke alarm, you can rely on us for regular testing and maintenance of your smoke alarm. If you need help with Smoke alarm testing, replacement, & installation in Rye, you can count on us.

Fires that start small can quickly spread and devastate homes in minutes. It’s an ugly truth but best to be aware of.

Statistics show that, unfortunately, many fires occur in households without working smoke alarms. The best way to avoid this is by installing smoke alarms that alert you while there’s still time to escape.

If a fire breaks out in your home, your precious lives and your family could be in danger, causing devastating damage to your property, belongings, and possessions.

Smoke alarms are crucial life-saving devices that need to be installed correctly, they detect smoke particles, and their high-pitched sound also alerts everyone in the vicinity to keep safe.

If you’re planning on doing DIY installations in your home, it is important to know professionals are trained to optimise how and where to put up the alarm so it can give you the perfect protection during times of danger.

Hire Southside Electrics because our electricians have the right experience and expertise in dealing with smoke alarm installation and any electrical issues that may arise in your house or office. Our services are highly affordable, and quality workmanship is guaranteed. The satisfaction of our customers is what we aim for!

Range Hood Installation Rye

If you need an affordable and reliable Rye range hood installation service, look no further than Southside Electrics. Our team of electricians has the right skills and expertise when it comes to range hoods of various shapes and sizes, which allows them to get your range hood installation service done right on time.

Bathroom exhaust fan installation Rye

Bathrooms are known to be damp and wet places. Therefore, they are more prone to having mould or decay due to insufficient ventilation. This causes an increase in bacteria living in your bathroom. So, you should get a reliable bathroom exhaust fan installation Rye.

Bathroom exhaust fans are an important component in most Melbourne homes because they provide necessary levels of ventilation that keep your property well aired out so that moisture cannot create mould and mildew.

You can install them just about anywhere, from the top edge of a room to a sloped ceiling, and they come in all sorts of shapes, and sizes and with differing power requirements.

Call us today for a free consultation!

Data Cabling Installation Rye

Southside Electrics specialises in various types of data cabling installation Rye having technicians that are fully trained to offer multiple data services. So, don’t keep waiting and give us a call to get a professional data cabling service.

Data cabling is one of the most important ways to help your employees to work effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to get this right, leading to several problems.

It’s important that all cabling is done so that it doesn’t cause any issues down the track. This can include network speed or stability issues, but even when something does go wrong, it’s never too late to fix it!

Uncertain about who to trust with data cable installations in Melbourne? 

Here at Southside Electrics, we will handle all your queries about network cabling Melbourne jobs and provide an easy solution for your home or office network wiring. We provide fair comprehensive pricing, so getting your office or home network cabled won’t be an expensive affair. 

No matter how old or new your building is, we have specialists who can handle all cabling requirements without fail or fuss. With years of experience in the industry, our team consists of the best minds to ensure that every client receives quality service at the right price. 

To claim a FREE quote and learn more about our Data Cable installation in Melbourne, call us on 1300 859 708 or book online.

What our Customers Say

While only a small amount of work was required Mark and his team were more than happy to oblige. All jobs were completed promptly and quickly. I will not hesitate to call Mark again.
Jenny E
Jenny E
Mark is amazing and so helpful. No job is too hard. He is always there to help and fix our electrical problems. I totally can rely on Mark to do a great job. Highly recommend his service.
Merri Van
Merri Van Lierop
I used the team at Southside to install a three phase charger for my Tesla. These guys are so good to deal with and very timely with their work. Super impressed and highly recommended.
Adam Gillick
Adam Gillick
We recently asked Mark to help solve some ventilation problems in our new home. He came up with novel solutions for each of the 3 rooms with issues, installed them all, and was super friendly and professional throughout the job. Mark will be our go-to whenever we need an electrician in our new home!
Tim Malone
Tim Malone

Switchboard Upgrade Rye

Have you ever thought about updating your switchboard? You are not alone if you don’t. However, it is unquestionably something that requires your focus.

Every structure with electricity has a switchboard, a central board that aids in distributing electricity throughout the facility. The major duty of the switchboard is to direct electric current from the main supply to any section of your home or place of business that requires it. For instance, when you turn on the light in your bedroom, the switchboard is the one who sends energy to make sure the light comes on.

When your current switchboard is improved to accommodate greater electrical current or a larger electrical demand, this is referred to as a switchboard upgrade.

Your switchboard may need to be upgraded for a number of reasons, but safety is the main one. Electrical overload or frequent tripping might result from a switchboard that is either small or too outdated, both of which pose safety risks. If this is occurring or you suspect that your switchboard is not operating as it should, call an electrician to perform a switchboard test.

Any electrical repair that needs to be done on your switchboard should only be done by a professional for safety and insurance reasons. Additionally, electricians have all the necessary tools and resources to finish the task correctly the first time, which ultimately saves time and money.

For switchboard upgrades in the Rye area, you can always call Southside Electrics for back up. We are a licensed and insured electrical company that specialises in switchboard upgrades and repairs in the area.

Switchboard Installation Rye

The team at Southside Electrics provides skilled assistance to unplug your outdated fuse board and install a residential switchboard. We make sure your electrical safety is maximised by installing safety switches as part of our installation service. Both you and us care about the security of your home and the people you care about.

This is the reason we guarantee that your home’s electrical wiring is operating at peak efficiency. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your residential switchboards require frequent maintenance. Therefore, you can contact one of our certified electricians to schedule an appointment for a routine inspection.

An outdated or worn-out switchboard has a higher chance of catching fire and is more likely to shock you with electricity. It almost seems unjust to expect an outdated switchboard to function with gadgets that consume two times as much power. It is always preferable to have a new domestic switchboard installed in such circumstances.

A new switchboard will assure your safety as well as the safety of the electrical appliances in your home. The most recent switchboards include a safety switch and circuit breaker built in. These protect your appliances from being fried by an electrical current overload.

LED Downlight Installation Rye

Whether in a building is residential or commercial, lighting is an essential component. Whatever the situation, correctly selected lighting fixtures and effects may help set the right mood and make a house appear warm and inviting. A good lighting system in a workplace can increase employee productivity. Task lighting and other types of lights can be utilised in retail and other locations to create the ideal ambiance to highlight a space or item.

Since Light Emitting Diodes are becoming popular, we also advise clients to replace their old downlights with LED versions. There are countless product variations with various lighting qualities and colours on the market.

Southside Electrics provides high-quality, well-planned LED down lighting installation services for both business and residential establishments. These lights are more energy-efficient than regular lights and come in a range of shades and colours, allowing you to make the ideal statement in different parts of your home.

LED Strip Light Installation Rye

With the help of Southside Electrics, you can easily put an end to all of your lighting issues. You may be confident that your electrical worries will be solved by our professionals because they have the necessary training and experience.

Installation of LED strip lights is something we do while making sure that all safety precautions are adhered to both during installation and repair. We have also had success identifying issues with electrical wiring and circuits, so you can be guaranteed to get high-quality service in a time and money-saving manner.

For reliable LED strip light installation and services, call us at Southside Electric.

EV Charger Installation Services

At Southside Electrics, we have made it our mission to lead the charge in installing cutting-edge EV chargers for residential and business clients. Our team of knowledgeable specialists is adept at managing every aspect of electric vehicle charging station installation, ensuring a seamless transition to eco-friendly transportation.

Imagine the sheer convenience of having your very own personal EV charger right at your doorstep. This dream transforms into reality at Southside Electrics through our comprehensive EV home charger installation service. Understanding the paramount importance of a dependable and efficient charging solution, we meticulously strategise and execute the installation process to align perfectly with your needs.

The road to tomorrow is paved with electric vehicles, and Southside Electrics stands as a steadfast advocate for this eco-conscious revolution. Our services extend beyond mere electric vehicle charger installations – they play a pivotal role in promoting renewable energy, reducing carbon footprints, and nurturing a more sustainable future for future generations.

Entrusting us with your EV charger installation needs brings you into the fold of a group of experts fueled by an unwavering passion to propel your electric journey forward. Armed with the latest technological advancements, our skilled technicians work tirelessly to ensure your electric vehicle charging station isn’t just a utility but a true marvel of innovation.

Every installation reflects our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and relentless pursuit of excellence. Each wire is meticulously placed, every connection expertly secured, and all components inspected for peak performance. We understand that your charging station isn’t just equipment – it’s your gateway to a transformative electric experience, and we handle it with unparalleled care and precision.

Southside Electrics is your professional team to trust for reliable EV charger installation services. Contact us today to get a quote or to learn more about our services.