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Southside Electrics is your #1 choice for electrical servicing in the Mornington Peninsula area!

Southside Electrics providing electrical services.

Electrical Safety Switch Services

Mornington Peninsula Electrical Make Safe Sites

Our main concern is Electrical Safety. We abide by the standards and our willingness to provide service is evident among the testimonials our clients have left us after we serviced their homes or offices. We see to it we find a solution to every electrical difficulty thrown our way. Southside Electrics is a company with a team of well-trained licensed electricians, all geared towards providing the best electrical services in Mornington Peninsula.

There is no room for errors when it comes to working with electricity or during an electronic installation project. Our experience ensures that every job is done to a high standard and we treat every project we work on as if it was our own home.

Southside Electrics

Most Recommended Mornington Peninsula Electrical Safety Office

We are one of the most highly rated electrical teams in the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas, as we have been delivering the right service, thanks to the expertise of our electrical specialists. The community trusts us and we strive to keep this trust with every job we do.

We have a team of friendly technicians, customer service representatives, and field electricians who are hot on their heels in giving aid to every resident who needs help with their electrical dilemma. We have a workmanship guarantee to ensure anyone who signs a contract with us has safe and fail-safe electrical wiring for a total of five years.

One of our main goals is to provide Electrical Safety for Landlords & Real Estates in the area. We tend to uplift a culture where we encourage high-quality results from our team.

We offer many services including smart homes setup, and smoke alarm testing and replacement. These may sound basic but when an unlicensed electrician does this type of job, your home can be at risk. We look after the safety of every house or building we service. To ensure we have safety properly covered, we offer routine maintenance and regular inspection for those who need our services.

Mornington Peninsula Office Electrical Safety Checklist

We can be contacted at 0415 899 988 and you can get us to be readily available Mondays to Fridays, from 7 am to 5 pm. We have been giving guidance and providing assistance to those in the Mornington Peninsula for many years and plan to do so for many more to come. We offer Electrical Safety Switch Checks, Maintenance and Repair, much more on new installations. We have the tools needed for all that and we have a well-equipped team to work with you.

As far as our prices, we promise to never overcharge for unnecessary fees. The trust and respect locals afforded us are enough to keep us up. Southside Electrics invested so much in both the time and the financial aspect, all for the aim of being the authority in the field of electricity in Australia. Little by little, we are getting what we deserve and as our way of giving back to the community, we deal with every electrical service call with utmost importance and immediate attention.