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Ceiling Fan Installation Electrician Mornington Peninsula

With cheaper and more efficient air conditioners becoming available, it seems that people have forgotten about the benefits that ceiling fans can provide, in both the summers and the winters. The biggest benefits that ceiling fans provide is obviously in the summers. They don’t actually cool you down but they are integral at circulating the air that already exists in your room. This circulation creates a chill wind effect that makes you feel colder without any change in the actual temperature of the room. This is all accomplished while consuming a much lower amount of energy as compared to air conditioners and costing a lot less than them too.

Ceiling fans are also really great at keeping you warm in the cold. It may sound preposterous but it is actually true because of the way that warm air currents behave. If you use any form of heating in your home during the winter, you’ll notice that the ceiling is where the hot air gets trapped whereas the cold air stays at the bottom of the room. That’s because hot air is lighter and thus naturally rises above. With a fan, you can use the warm air that is trapped above and bring it down to your level. It does require a modern fan though, one that comes with a switch for reverse function.

Ceiling fans usually run counter-clockwise because that is best for keeping you cool. In the winter, if you switch your fan so that it runs clockwise, you’ll notice that it the wind that it throws your way is actually much warmer than the rest of the room. It is important to note though that the fan’s speed needs to be low in order to be most effective in the winters.

You might ask yourself why you want a ceiling fan instead of a pedestal or table fan. The reason for that is simple, safety. A ceiling fan is out of the way and thus can’t be hazardous to pets or children. Other types of fans are in the way and can prove to be an obstacle even for you especially in the dark. Ceiling fans also look a lot better than pedestal fans as they come in a variety of designs and can be used to actually accentuate the look of your home. For all your ceiling fan installation needs you can call me today at 0415 899 988, fill out a callback form here, or email me at mark@southsideelectrics.com.au.

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