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Switchboard Installation

The electrical switchboard in your house is its lifeline. It is the reason why power is able to freely flow throughout the house and if it is not kept up to date it can fail, or lose its efficiency. That is the reason why regular switchboard upgrades are important. There are a bunch of benefits that you get if you upgrade your electrical switchboard and a few important negatives if you don’t.

Risks of an Old Fuse Box:

The first thing that you should know is that the old-timey fuse box that you have installed in your home is a hazard to both your house and your health. Old fuse boxes usually have an asbestos back panel which is dangerous in and of itself but that’s not all. With loose connections, fuse boxes can be incredibly dangerous because that can lead to either a blown fuse wire or a melted cable. Either of those is enough to take your fuse box out of commission and make it a deadly situation. They can cause electricity to the arc which is a very common fire starter.

Benefits of a Switchboard Upgrade:

Apart from making sure that you remove the fire hazard that is the fuse box, there are also more benefits of getting a switchboard upgrade. The first of these is that you save money in the long run. If a circuit trips in your old fuse box you have to call an electrician to reset it whereas if it does so in the electrical switchboard you can easily reset it yourself.

There is also the fact that you save yourself from the risk of electrocution from your fuse box. Getting a switchboard upgrade involves getting new earthing as well. That way you can make sure that you don’t electrocute yourself if you do touch the switchboard. That also ensures that you save yourself time. If a circuit in the electrical switchboard trips, you can just go to it, find out what caused the trip, and then get your power back on immediately. You won’t have to stand around waiting for a Mornington Peninsula Electrician near me to come to your aid because you will be able to handle all of it yourself. Click here to get a free quote and find out exactly what a switchboard upgrade will cost you.

Switchboard Upgrades

If the electricity does arc and starts a fire, it is quick to heat up the other circuits located in the switchboard. This exposes the further metal to arcing electricity and provides a very warm base for the fire to start spreading. If the earthing of your fuse box is as old as the fuse box itself then it’s very possible that the fire will spread to the back of the fuse box. If it does then it’s already too late. The fire will be carried upwards by the draft and start spreading to the roof. All of this can happen in a matter of minutes before you even have time to react. If the fire reaches the roof then only the fire department can control it.