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Residential and Commercial Electrician in Berwick

Southside Electrics is a team of highly trained and licensed electricians in Berwick who offer a full range of electrical services to residents and commercial and industrial establishments in Berwick. Our electricians also provide all-important 24/7 emergency service when you need an electrician urgently – usually when it’s least convenient!

We guarantee all workmanship and, on top of that, we are competitively priced and are happy to provide FREE detailed quotes.

Why choose Southside Electrics in Berwick?

Your choice of an electrical contractor can significantly impact your project. It would be best to choose an electrical team you can count on, who will do the job right, on time, and within your budget.

At Southside Electrics, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of customer care while delivering quality workmanship and attention to detail. Every job is important to us – no matter how big or small.

We pride ourselves on being a local business that has served our community for many years. We constantly endeavour to treat people as we would like to be treated ourselves – with respect, honesty and professionalism.

Our team is just a phone call away, whether you live or work in Berwick and the surrounding suburbs like Carrum Downs, Clyde, Frankston, Langwarrin, Pakenham, and Skye. We complete a wide range of services, including, but not limited to:


Test & Tag Berwick

The safety of your home is one of the most important things to consider. We have a team of qualified electricians in Berwick that can provide you with a thorough test and tag service, so you can ensure that your home is safe from any potential hazards.

Our Southside Electrics Test & Tag team in Berwick come to you and can test your equipment on the spot to make sure that it’s functioning properly.

As power goes through the wires of the appliance, sometimes it can heat up and degrade the wire, causing it to become unsafe and a potential fire hazard.

Damaged wires, loose or exposed within an electrical appliance, can damage the tool itself and the power source or pose an issue for users.

Keep your tools, appliances and electrical equipment safe from damage by ensuring that it’s appropriately tested and is safe for use.

Emergency Electrician Berwick

Electrical issues can be hazardous, and if left unattended, they can quickly turn into a catastrophe.

Don’t put yourself or your Family in the line of danger – call Southside Electrics whenever you experience an electrical emergency. We are the experts you need to contact when faced with any electrical problems, no matter how severe and complex they seem.

Our experienced electricians pride themselves on their efficient work and a strong reputation for delivering high-quality services at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today and let our professional team handle your electrical repairs and installations as soon as possible.

Commercial Electrician Berwick

Commercial Electrician in Berwick you can trust? Southside Electrics qualified local electricians can assist you with industrial-scale electrical needs – from general maintenance and repairs to full-scale commercial electrical installations.

As specialists in commercial electrical services, we know what it takes to meet the stringent standards required by government standard codes. And with decades of experience working as commercial electricians in Berwick, we have a reputation for quality delivery that is second to none.

So whether you need help with a new outlet installation or emergency repairs on your electrical system, you can rely on us to provide the best industry advice and service – at an affordable price.

We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering prompt, reliable and cost-effective commercial electrician services in Berwick and the surrounding areas.

Smoke alarm installation Berwick

Smoke alarms are a vital part of house safety. When you install a smoke alarm, you won’t just be ensuring your safety. You’ll also be providing your family and neighbours with the same protection.

Our electricians are trained to perform smoke alarm installation and repair in any home or business. At Southside Electrics, we have the experience and skill to ensure that your smoke alarms are correctly installed to protect you, your family and your property.

We install renowned brands such as HPM, Quell, PSA, PDL, First Alert, Brooks and Clipsal. Smoke alarms are designed to detect fires quickly while they can be contained by sounding an alarm if they detect smoke in the air.

Our team of licensed electricians know how essential it is for these devices to be installed accurately. We test these devices regularly after installation to ensure that they are working perfectly.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Berwick

Want your bathroom to smell clean and fresh with no lingering foul smells? Want to stop mould, mildew and stale air?

You can’t rely on regular ceiling or window fans. Our experts at Southside Electrics install the finest bathroom exhaust fans for homes, offices and industries.

Call Southside Electrics today! We have got the expertise to execute the job with finesse and speed.

Data Cabling Installation Berwick

Southside Electrics & Data are Berwick’s local data point cabling and installation experts. We’ve been installing data points, sockets, and outlets for homes and businesses in Berwick, Narre Warren, and the more expansive South Eastern suburbs.

If you need data points installed in your home or office, you can rely on our team of local technicians to deliver a professional, affordable service that meets your needs.

We can install new data points or relocate existing ones wherever you like them in your home or business. We’ll work around your schedule to keep disruptions to an absolute minimum. Call us today and get a free quote.

Switchboard Upgrade Berwick

switchboard upgrade is necessary for many reasons. One of the main reasons is to improve the safety of your electrical system. An outdated or poorly maintained switchboard can pose a risk of electrical fires and other hazards.

Additionally, a switchboard upgrade can improve the efficiency of your electrical system. An older switchboard may not be able to handle the electrical load of modern appliances and devices, leading to power outages and other issues.

At Southside Electrics, we understand the vital role your electrical switchboard plays in your home or property’s electrical system. With years of experience and expertise, our team of licensed electricians are committed to providing top-notch switchboard upgrade services to ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your electrical system. Whether you need a new switchboard installed or an upgrade on your existing one, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver the best solution for you.

We use only premium materials and equipment, and our team is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure a seamless and efficient installation process. Our range of switchboard options includes advanced features like remote monitoring, which can help you stay on top of the health of your electrical system.

If you’re planning a renovation or remodel, or just want to ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system, don’t hesitate to reach out to Southside Electrics. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and provide you with a switchboard upgrade that is tailored to your specific requirements. Trust our team of experts to handle all your switchboard upgrade needs.

Switchboard Installation Berwick

There are several reasons why it’s important to hire professional electrician like Southside Electric for switchboard installation:

  • Safety: Professional electricians have the knowledge and expertise to properly install a switchboard and ensure that it is in compliance with current safety standards and codes. This can protect your home or property from potential electrical hazards.
  • Efficiency: A well-installed switchboard can improve the overall performance of your electrical system, and prevent costly repairs or breakdowns in the future. Professional electricians have the skills to identify and correct any potential issues, ensuring that your electrical system runs efficiently.
  • Expertise: Professional electricians have the knowledge and experience to install a switchboard properly and customise it to your preferences, giving you a wide range of options in terms of styles and colours.
  • Peace of mind: Hiring professional electricians for switchboard installation gives you peace of mind knowing that the installation is done correctly and safely, and that your home or property is protected from potential electrical hazards.
  • Compliance with regulations : Professional electricians are licensed and have the knowledge of the regulations and codes of the jurisdiction they are working in, this ensures that the installation is done as per the regulations and codes, and will help you avoid any penalties or fines.

Overall, hiring professional electricians for switchboard installation is essential to ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your electrical system, as well as to give you peace of mind.

What our Customers Say

While only a small amount of work was required Mark and his team were more than happy to oblige. All jobs were completed promptly and quickly. I will not hesitate to call Mark again.
Jenny E
Jenny E
Mark is amazing and so helpful. No job is too hard. He is always there to help and fix our electrical problems. I totally can rely on Mark to do a great job. Highly recommend his service.
Merri Van
Merri Van Lierop
I used the team at Southside to install a three phase charger for my Tesla. These guys are so good to deal with and very timely with their work. Super impressed and highly recommended.
Adam Gillick
Adam Gillick
We recently asked Mark to help solve some ventilation problems in our new home. He came up with novel solutions for each of the 3 rooms with issues, installed them all, and was super friendly and professional throughout the job. Mark will be our go-to whenever we need an electrician in our new home!
Tim Malone
Tim Malone

LED Downlight Installation Berwick

LED lighting offers several advantages over traditional lighting options. With a color temperature that mimics natural sunlight, LED lights provide a more visually pleasing and natural light, making your facility look more attractive. Additionally, LED lighting also provides improved quality control, employee safety, and overall facility appearance. This can lead to increased employee morale and productivity. Upgrading to LED lighting can also reduce energy costs and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, LED lights are known for their long lifespan, which reduces the need for frequent replacements and maintenance. This can save you money in the long run, and also helps to minimise the environmental impact of lighting. LED lights are highly efficient, which means they consume less energy than traditional lighting options, thus reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

At Southside Electrics, we are experts in LED downlight installation and can help you upgrade your facility’s lighting to LED. Our experienced electricians will work closely with you to understand your lighting needs and provide a solution that meets your specific requirements. We use only high-quality LED lights and equipment, and our team is fully equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

Boosting Your Green Journey: Premium EV Charger Installation Services

Embrace the future with Southside Electrics, your partner in Berwick’s pioneering electric vehicle charger installation. Our expert team is dedicated to installing EV chargers transforming your standard garage into a sophisticated, eco-friendly hub. We bring convenience to your doorstep, ensuring your electric vehicle is charged and ready for the road whenever you are.

  1. Unmatched Skill in EV Home Charger Installation: Experience a hassle-free transition to green energy with our specialised EV home charger installation services. We navigate the technicalities, recommending the best systems and positioning for your specific space, ensuring a smooth, efficient charging experience every time.
  2. Complete Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation: Delve into the heart of modern convenience with comprehensive electric vehicle charging station installation solutions. From assessing your location to the final system check, our thorough process ensures we meet your unique requirements and preferences for an optimal charging setup.
  3. Tailored EV Charger Solutions: Every home deserves a custom touch. We understand the nuances of selecting the perfect EV Charger for the home, so we work closely with you to understand your needs, preparing a custom solution that complements your lifestyle.
  4. Commitment to Safety and Excellence: Rest easy knowing that your installation is managed by certified professionals adhering to industry standards. We prioritise your safety and system efficiency, ensuring each installation is reliable, secure, and aligned with the best practices.

Accelerate your sustainable journey with Berwick’s finest in EV charger installation. Contact Southside Electrics for a seamless shift to eco-friendly living anchored by excellence and genuine care.

Southside Electrics

LED Strip Light Installation Berwick

At Southside Electrics, we understand that lighting issues can be a major inconvenience. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide you with the best possible service when it comes to LED strip light installation and repair. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and experienced and will work with you to troubleshoot your problems and provide you with a long-lasting solution.

When it comes to LED strip light installation, we take all necessary precautions to ensure that the process is completed safely and efficiently. We are also experienced in identifying any issues with the electrical wiring and circuit, and will provide you with a cost-effective solution that guarantees top-notch workmanship. Whether you need new LED strip lights installed or repairs on existing ones, you can trust Southside Electrics to get the job done right.

For all things electrical, you can always count on Southside Electrics. Call us today to learn more.