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Residential and Commercial Electrician in Merricks

Living in Merricks, you see endless stretches of infrastructure and evolving lifestyle. Just like other parts of your house, a properly running Electrical system is essential for the safety of your property and life. So, if you experience any Electrical issues, you should seek the assistance of a professional. Southside Electrics have been helping households as well as businesses in keeping their Electrical systems in a good shape for a long time. We offer a wide range of services that include but are not limited to Merricks ceiling fan installation, range hood installation, smoke alarm installation, and other commercial and residential electrician services.
Whether you want to fix some electrical issues of your home, creating a living space, adding a home theatre, undertaking renovations, or beginning with new construction, you should seek the services of a professional so that any electrical system malfunctions can be avoided. Our trained technicians at Southside electrics are capable of handling any electrical job whether simple or complex. Our friendly team is always available to take your call and help you with all your electrical needs in Mornington, Mt Eliza, Carrum, Bonbeach, Mordialloc, Mentone, Moorabbin, Black Rock, and many other locations

Switchboard upgrades Merricks

Every home in Merricks needs to have safety switches in order to protect the circuits. Do you have any safety switches that are not working properly? How old is your Merricks switchboard and when was the last time you tested it? If there are flickerings, It's probably an old one and needs to be upgraded as soon as possible. Southside electricians can test your existing switchboard and check if it's up to standard. If not, we provide you quick and reliable switchboard upgrades Merricks.

Merricks ceiling fan installation

A properly functioning ceiling fan can have a lot of benefits including a cool interior during summer, and improved aesthetic look and atmosphere as well as fresh air spreading all around the house. Whether you are thinking about installing a new outdoor ceiling fan or repairing an indoor one, there are a lot of reasons why you should choose southside Electrics. We have trained electricians who can install fans of various sizes no matter where you want them installed in your home or workplace. So, call us today and let us handle your ceiling fan installation Merricks.


Commercial Electrician Merricks

Southside Electrics technicians can design, install, repair, and maintain your electrical system to keep it in good shape all around the Year. We are the Merricks commercial electricians you can trust. We are able to serve all of your business and office electrical needs so that your company runs efficiently. You can trust us for exhaust fan installation, ceiling fan installation test and tagging services as fewer power upgrades lead to a properly functioning electrical system of your commercial property.

Merricks test and tag

Merricks Test and tagging services should be provided by experienced electricians from a professional electrical services provider like Southside Electrics. Our inspections ensure that the electrical safety and security of your equipment are taken care of by weighing in the risk factors that can fall under the testing and tagging process. Let us handle your Merricks electric Test and Tag services.

Smoke alarm testing, replacement, & installation Merricks

Having properly functioning smoke detectors is essential for the safety of every home. Technicians at southside Electrics will help you prevent any electrical accidents and also prevent electrocution that is caused by the immediate cutoff of the power supply. We detect any problems in your Merricks smoke detector and leave no stone unturned to repair them as soon as possible with our reliable and quick Merricks smoke alarm testing replacement & installation Merricks service..

Merricks Range Hood Installation

With all the time you spend cooking in your kitchen, you need to filter gases and odours from your workspace. Southside Electrics’ technicians are here to take on your Merricks range hood installation job. With us on your side, you will have complete peace of mind that your Merricks range hood installation is properly done.

Bathroom exhaust fan installation Merricks

Southside Electrics is a reliable bathroom exhaust fan installation Merricks service provider. Our electricians provide you with a reliable exhaust fan installation service for your homes, offices, and commercial properties. It helps in preventing mold and mildew from building up in your bathroom.

Data cabling installation Merricks

Southside Electrics offers professional network and data cabling installation Merricks perfect for your home or office network. If you rely on the internet all the time, a proper wired network will give you high-speed access to the internet to satisfy your internet needs.

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