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Residential and Commercial Electrician in Red Hill

Choosing an electrician can be confusing and stressful. Southside Electrics is locally owned and operated to help businesses and homeowners satisfy their electrical needs. At Southside Electrics, our professional, customer-centric and inviting electricians leave no stone unturned to meet your everyday needs, concerns, and expectations throughout the process of delivering an electrical service. Our clear communicators ensure delivering accurate information to the clients every step of the way.

We specialize in residential and commercial electrical work to ensure that your home and business is treated with the best care. Our experienced professionals with years of experience stand behind our work. We serve in the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside, and many other locations. Our professional Electricians provide reliable installation, maintenance, and repair services for your home and business. Our Red Hill Electrician emphasizes the importance of superior customer service and careful and dependable craftsmanship. Our electricians strive to provide our customers with the highest quality services and great value.

Switchboard upgrades Red Hill

Heat and dust can cause your electrical panel to start malfunctioning. Plan a Red HIll switchboard upgrade before it gets too late; saving time, money, and a lot of headaches for you and your family. We guarantee safe and effective switchboard upgrades for you and your family. By choosing us to upgrade your switchboard, you ensure continued safety for your family and workplace. At Southside Electrics, we’re here to make your Red Hill electrical system function with a hitch by providing upgrades and installations you need. So, don’t keep waiting and get your switchboards upgraded now.


Red Hill ceiling fan installation

A fully functional ceiling fan is essential when it's hot outside. Ceiling fans are great to keep your electricity bills low while increasing the air circulation in your home or at your workplace. Let the expert electricians perform your Redhill ceiling fan installation. We make the upgrades, installations, and repairs needed to maintain your ceiling fan. We install fans that are comfortable and enhance your décor making your home more functional and aesthetically appealing.

Commercial Electrician Red Hill

Looking for a Red Hill commercial electrician for your business? At southside Electrics, you can ensure a safe and fully functional electrical system at your workplace with our commercial electrician performing any repair or installation that your commercial electrical system needs. We have built a great reputation with our unending dedication to providing excellent service with quality, reliability, and affordability. We exceed our clients’ expectations with dependable workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction. So, let our skilled commercial electricians work with you to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your business.

Red Hill Electric test and tag

Southside Electrics has the knowledge, experience, and skills gained from training to test and tag your electrical equipment so that it stays up and running and the risk of serious injury to your staff and customers is minimized with our reliable red hill test and tag service. We safeguard your workplace with our reliable testing services aimed at your safety and comfort.

Red Hill Smoke alarm testing, replacement, & installation

Not taking your smoke alarm functionality seriously can be dangerous and life-threatening for your home as well as your workplace. Smoke detectors are a necessary part of your home in Red Hill. You must have a smoke detector installed in your home over and above the simple installation, it is important to have it functioning properly. Southside Electricians help you keep your home and workplace safe with reliable Red Hill Smoke alarm testing, replacement, & installation.

Range Hood Installation Red Hill

If you need a reliable and affordable range hood installation on a red hill, Southside Electrics experts are here to help. Our team has years of experience when it comes to range hoods of all shapes and sizes. We perform all the big and small jobs with excellence and efficiency and it results in a properly functioning system.

Bathroom exhaust fan installation Red Hill

Are you in need of a bathroom fan installation or an exhaust fan replacement? Look no further than Southside Electrics. Our experienced Red Hill electricians have been doing the exhaust fan installation and replacement of bathroom exhaust fans for years now and have a wide range of bathroom ceiling fan installation, repair, and maintenance services to suit issues you could have with your fan.

Data cabling installation Red Hill

Southside Electrics technicians are qualified, friendly and experienced technicians to take care of your data cabling and CCTV requirements in the shortest time possible so that you ever get your daily work routine disturbed.

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