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Residential and Commercial Electrician in Chelsea

Whenever you experience an electrical issue, whether it’s a simple light that flickers or something serious such as a constant power surge, just give Southside Electrics a call right away. Once you decide to choose us for your residential or commercial electrical services, we ensure a safe and effective service by sending a trained Chelsea Electrician having the experience to tackle any electrical repairs, replacements, and installations that you can count on.

At Southside Electrics, our team strives to build a positive reputation through the implementation of the best customer service practices. We have skilled technicians who get your job done right on time, ensuring that your issue is resolved promptly with maximum efficiency.  No matter if you’re having an emergency or you just want to make changes to the electrical systems of your home or business. Our services are designed to help both residential and commercial locations, including shopping centres, golf clubs, and business offices.

Switchboard Upgrades Chelsea

A faulty and broken switchboard causes a need for immediate action. An operational switchboard is essential for any home or business electrical system. You must call a licensed and trained electrician to install or repair your Chelsea Switchboard. At Southside Electrics, our Chelsea electricians are trained to notice little electrical variances that you might be overlooking.

Ceiling fan installation Chelsea

Fans are all you need to cool down, reduce the energy bill and maximize the airflow of your home and workplace. We present you with a range of options and help you make the best choice when it comes to Chelsea ceiling fan installation in your home and workplace. These ceiling fans add style to your home and save money. We recommend cost-effective solutions to match all kinds of homes. We offer a quick installation and repair for your fans, necessary to restore your cool breeze.


Commercial Electrician Chelsea

A well-trained and certified electrician is essential for your business. Commercial electrical supply is different and complicated. It requires a skilled technician to perform changes and repairs if required. You can count on our professional Commercial electrician for reliable service. Our electrician team is a team of well-trained Chelsea electricians that are always ready and willing to help.

Electrical Test and Tag Chelsea

Checking the safety of portable electrical appliances and there should be a comprehensive inspection to check if there are any damages. Your electrical test and tag Chelsea requires to be performed by trained technicians. Let us take care of the electrical safety of your workplace with our electrical test and tag service.

Smoke alarm testing, replacement, & installation Chelsea

The smoke detector serves as an indicator of fire and gives an early warning that can save lives. We ensure that our installation makes your system detect temperature levels perfectly. Smoke alarms should be replaced when worn out. If you need smoke alarm testing, replacement & installation Chelsea, you can count on us.

Range Hood Installation Chelsea

Your range hood installation Chelsea above your stove or oven requires a professional technician. Range hood installation is about drilling vent holes through a wall and requires a professional technician to complete the job. Our skilled professionals at Southside Electrics specialize in range hood installation.

Bathroom exhaust fan installation Chelsea

If you need bathroom exhaust fan installation done professionally in your home, you can contact us to satisfy your exhaust fan needs with our bathroom exhaust fan installation Chelsea. Quality is an inherent part of our service delivery, and we have strict controls we use to measure our performance to maximize customer satisfaction.

Data Cabling Installation Chelsea

Network cabling is an important part of Chelsea business. It supports business-critical functions and connection of users globally. Perfect optimization is essential for the success of your business in Chelsea. Computers need effective data cabling installation Chelsea to communicate quickly and reliably between the networks. Our electricians have the knowledge and tool you need for perfect installation.

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