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Residential and Commercial Electrician in Bentleigh East

When it comes to your electrical needs, you should call someone with significant experience and expertise in providing electrical services. Our fully qualified and professional team at Southside Electrics can assist you with a wide range of electrical services for your home or business. We are well versed with the electrical services codes and regulations so that you get a reliable, efficient, and excellent service. Our services extend from residential properties to commercial and industrial properties. We offer our new and existing clients a wide range of services to fulfil their commercial and residential electrical needs.
We understand that your time is an important asset and we’re happy to guarantee that we will be on time and ready to fix your electrical issues before they cause any damage to your life and property. Our highly trained technicians bring great skills and expertise with an attention to detail and focus on safety so that the work done meets the highest quality standards. If you need any assistance with your electrical systems, we have got you covered.

Switchboard Upgrades Bentleigh East

Most of the time, issues with your electrical system are caused due to a faulty switchboard, so it is important to identify if your switchboard is outdated or poorly functioning and needs to be upgraded. Southside Electrics professionals arrive at your doorstep with all the tools and equipment required to provide you with reliable and efficient switchboard upgrades Bentleigh East for your commercial or residential property.

Bentleigh East Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are important to create a cooling effect during the hot Sydney summer. The sufficient air circulation it provides is necessary to keep the room temperature cooler and reduces the need for expensive air conditioning and high rising energy bills. Ceiling fans can be a low-cost solution to solve all your problems when it comes to maintaining a nice temperature in your home or workplace. Let us handle your Bentleigh East ceiling fan installation job.


Commercial Electrician Bentleigh East

You need to trust a reliable commercial electrician Bentleigh East to maintain your business electrics. We understand that time is money for your business and that is why we ensure our availability whenever you need us for your residential or commercial electrician Bentleigh East service. We take the steps required to ensure that you have a business that runs against electrical faults, damages, and security hazards. No matter how large or small an electrical issue you experience, our commercial Electrician Bentleigh East will get it repaired.

Bentleigh East Electrical Test and Tag

Ensuring a safe workplace is important for your commercial property and workforce. We get your appliances tested and tagged for an electrical fault regularly and give you complete peace of mind. So, let us help you keep your commercial property safe with Bentleigh East Electrical Test and Tag.

Bentleigh East Smoke alarm testing, replacement, & installation

Smoke detectors can save the life of your family in a matter of seconds giving you an early warning to help prevent damages. It can take just five minutes for the fire to take over an entire room, so you should ensure that your smoke detectors function properly. Our electricians at Southside Electrics are experts in providing reliable and efficient Bentleigh East smoke alarm testing, replacement & installation services to our residential and commercial customers.

Range Hood installation Bentleigh East

With all the time you spend cooking in your kitchen, you need to filter gases and odours from your workspace. With our team working on your project, you will have complete peace of mind that your Bentleigh range hood installation is properly done.

Bathroom exhaust fan installation Bentleigh East

No matter how well built and maintained your home or bathroom is, your home can fall prey to mould and become a threat to your comfort and health. Exhaust fans are the simplest solution to keep the air circulating well and to prevent mould and stale air. Southside Electrics professionals have the experience and skills you need to have efficient bathroom exhaust fan installation Bentleigh East service.

Data Cabling Installation Bentleigh East

Our home and business buildings depend on proper wiring to ensure that everything functions as it should. There’s nothing more frustrating than having improper wiring and network cabling installed in your home and business. Southside Electrics professionals are always ready to help you have reliable data cabling installation at Bentleigh East.

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